A New Job

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I got a new part-time job.

I have been doing home-based jobs and projects on a part-time basis since 2011. It pays good and you get to save a lot. The downside though is that it’s hard to find a steady, long-term home-based job. So as soon as the contract ends, I go on job-hunting again.

My previous home-based job lasted two years. I did web content writing for my client’s WordPress websites. It was an easy job, the client wasn’t strict, pay was good, and I chose my own schedule. But it was project-based and when the tasks were completed, the contract ended.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long to land a new job. I saw this job ad online and sent my resume and cover letter. The following day I received an email from the company owner himself and was asked to start on a 1-week trial to see if I fit the job. The company’s fairly new but very promising. Together with three others, we handled the email and chat customer support section. After one week we were officially hired, just like that.

That must have sounded easy but it wasn’t, actually. I’ve never worked as a customer support rep per se. I worked as a Virtual Assistant for two years in the past and part of the job was sorting and answering my client’s emails. That was my only exposure to doing email support. But I must have done okay during the 1-week trial for the owner to hire me so am grateful.

Now am starting to get busy again with my new job. And I am not complaining 🙂


How bout you guys? Have you done home-based jobs as well?





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