Airbnb Saves!

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I never knew how easy it is to use Airbnb for booking accommodations until I tried.

If you want to book through Airbnb you need to create an account first. Make sure to complete your profile. Include a profile photo and submit an ID for verification. After completing your profile you can now start looking for Airbnb accommodations. When searching for a place to stay, provide the dates of your stay and the number of guests included. When you have found the right place for you, then it’s now time to book.

Please note that there are two types of booking, depending on what the Airbnb host prefers. You will either see “Instant Book” or “Request to Book”.  With Instant Book, you can automatically book the place without waiting for approval from the host. As long as the dates you’ve chosen are available in the host’s calendar and you meet the requirements set by the host (number of guests allowed, other provisions/rules) then you will be charged and the booking becomes official. What about “Request to Book”, how does it work? After you have provided your reservation details, added your payment details, and have agreed to the host’s terms, you will have to wait for the host’s response if they will approve your booking request or not. Hosts have 24 hours to reply to your request. But based on my experience, hosts usually reply within minutes, which is very convenient for the clients. Once the host accepts your request, only then will you be charged in full for your booking. If the host declines your request or fails to respond within the 24-hour period, then you will not be charged.


Airbnb is totally revolutionizing the travel industry when it comes to booking places to stay. You are not only presented with the same, old, boring accommodations that you’ve been used to. You get a variety: unique, quirky, one-of-a-kind places you can stay when traveling.

Aside from places to stay, Airbnb also lists several travel experiences you can book. What are these? You can book for experiences related to Arts & Design, Fashion, Sports, Wellness, Nature, Food & Drink, Lifestyle, History, and Music. All you gotta do is book the ones you want to avail and you’re on your way to an exciting travel experience you won’t forget.

So, ready to take your first reservation with Airbnb? I have good news! I am giving you travel credits that you can use for your first Airbnb reservation of $75 or more in total value (excluding guest fees and taxes)!  Click here to claim your credits!




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