Stress! Stress!

coloring book
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It’s only been a month since I started working as a chat support agent and am already starting to feel the stress of the job haha. Can’t let stress rule over me though so I need to do something.

And this is where my coloring book comes in 😀


coloring book



This book comes handy when I want to de-stress. Since I just can’t go on vacation on a whim to counter stress, I can just pick some crayons and start coloring. Yes it’s effective, it works  🙂

You need to shell out a few hundreds (of pesos) for this type of coloring book but the money’s worth it. Coloring one intricate design or a few more a day definitely calms the nerves. And besides, who doesn’t enjoy coloring? You enjoyed it when you were younger so why shouldn’t you enjoy it now as an adult?  🙂




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